Have you ever wondered why some people look ICONIC? What are their style secrets? Well those – 5 Iconic Style Secrets are

  1. Style is comfort – Wear what you are comfortable in and an Iconic look is guranteed
  2. Style is personal – Your personal style is you and that is the the most endearing
  3. Style reflects you – Your persona is reflected in your style the colours you choose reflect your mood, how you blend different elements and accessorise with your bag, shoes, jewellery reflect you
  4. Inherent style is authentic – When 1, 2 & 3 come together your inherent style emerges and that is authentic
  5. Simplicity is eternally stylish – Whether you wear a Cavalli, a Versace, a Zara or an Esprit the underlying fact is simplicity is eternally stylish. Remember U are above the label

Be U. Be Stylish


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