Described as “Paradise on Earth” by the world renowned Mr. Roberto Cavalli -Dramatic Seychelles is like an artists dream come true! Tropical Islands where nature orchestrates her magic through sunrise and sunset colours each day. Granite boulders against the back drop of emerald green landscapes reflected in shimmering turquoise waters revup the glamour quotient of Seychelles.

Seychelles is an ideal place to just be cocooned in rejuvenating natural environs with your favourite music & books not on kindle – you’ll do your eyes a favour! Get pampered in a spa it’s the best  opportunity to detox inside out with nature providing all the support needed! Meditate & yoga your way to mind body and spirit alignment or stroll through the greens bare foot on white sands by the ocean feeling the breeze caressing your face.

There are ample of activities for adventure seekers too from forest trails to diving. Seychelles ensures something for every soul! Plenty of luxury resorts in Seychelles you’ll be spoilt for choice!